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2016 South Metro Bass League Rules

 South Metro Bass League RULES

  1. Entrants are responsible for following all State fishing and boating laws and

  regulations. A violation of State fishing/boating laws will result in DQ for the night only if the league member receives a ticket.

 Our league is built on integrity and we expect our entrants to conduct themselves as such.

  2. 2 persons per team, per boat (no spectators). Substitutes are allowed for a $10 sub fee, but one registered team member must fish. Sub fee only applies to

  each substitute ONCE.

  3. Boats will maintain a minimum of 25 yard separation unless BOTH boats agree to fish closer to each other. Use COURTESY and COMMON SENSE!!

  4. 5 fish maximum per team. Only Largemouth and Smallmouth bass may be weighed. 12” minimum length, as measured by the league’s official Board

.  Fish will be measured on the league's official board with mouths closed and tails pinched. Any fish under 12” will NOT count toward weight, and a                                                                    

  1/2 Pound will be deducted from the REMAINING weight total.

   5. Nightly results are based on each team's total weight, minus any deductions or penalties.

    Nightly ties are broken by teams’ big fish of the night. Year end results are based on total points. Year end ties will be broken by total weight for the year.

    6.Not showing up to weigh in results in 0 points for the night.

    7. No pre caught fish allowed. All boats subject to random live well checks.

    8. Catch and release fishing only.  ½ pound for each dead/dying fish will be deducted from remaining total weight.Fish that are deemed too weak to swim/survive on their

    own upon release are considered “dying” fish. Entrants are responsible for

   disposing of dead fish properly. Release may be supervised by any member at any time.

     9. All culling must be done before your boat is pulled from the water.

   10. Official start time is 5:00 pm. Check in time is 9:00 pm. An y boats late to

     check in will lose 1 pound per minute. After 5 minutes teams are disqualified for the event,

    unless contact has been made with a league officer, who will decide whether or not a DQ is warranted.

    11. Late starts ARE allowed, but you must check in with another league boat BEFORE you can start fishing. No check in = disqualification. No excuses or exceptions!

    12. Artificial baits only. Trolling is prohibited.

    13. Events may be postponed due to unsafe inclement weather or lightning. I an event starts it will finish It is compleatly up to the tam members to decide wether its safe eno Postponed those

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       events will be made up on the on the rian date or the next available Thursday   Team my wait and weigh there fish.

14. Any dispute regarding weights, points, or rules will be decided by a vote of the

eague officers.  15. Be safe, have fun, and enjoy the sport! Our league exists for friendly competition.

    Remember: You are not Kevin VanDam, you don’t own the lake

      or any specific “spot” on the lake, and we’re all human!

16. Lakes are off limits the day of the tournament, No fishing prior to the start of the tournament that day.

17. Failure to adhere to ANY rule above CAN result in disqualification!